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By Strangely Rabid
Reclamation of Identity, Body, and Self.

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About Me

Hello! My name is Bryce, I am a queer and non-binary trans artist based in Minneapolis! I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) 2014.


I am a freelance illustrator, and graphic designer with a background in theater and film, with over 15 years of creative experience! My main passion is tattooing and illustration. I have moved in to this industry in order to further my art practice and to connect more fully with clients who engage in with my art! 

Tattooing for me is often an act of self expression. A repossession, reconnection, and reclamation of one's identity and body. The process that I do today is often a reworking of a millennia's old tradition. Keeping memories, connecting family, friends, creating a better understanding of oneself. Marking magic and stories in to our skin. Creating living breathing identity either to share or to keep sacred.

I often find inspiration through story, memory, folklore and human experience. I love natural forms and wild colors, often creating compositions based off of movement; interpretation of feelings, thoughts and values from my clients. 

If the commission or tattoo request is accepted, I often take the information presented, do research on it, and let my mind daydream before creating the artwork. You will get a illustrated response based off of the information provided. 

Tattoos can be special or silly, as long as they are for you and your body. I would be honored to create something with you! 


My Work

I work as both a freelance illustrator, and tattoo artist!

This means I often put a lot of thought and practice into the my art. This helps me communicate, and process the world around me. I have a very distinct style and process. So please check out my illustration portfolio and any pre-designed tattoo pieces to make sure that my style is a good fit for you! 


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